David Seume

Between 1971 and 1999, I taught in UK Primary Schools (with students aged 4-12), becoming a Headteacher in 1987. I always had an interest in the role of IT in education and in 1981 set up my region's first In-Service Training IT programme for teachers.

At the beginning of 2000, I left Headship and I began working on several projects at the Ashcombe School – a state comprehensive school that is also designated as a Language College. I have also been an online tutor at the Open University teaching courses on the history and development of the Internet.

To my current role at The Ashcombe, I am able to bring a blend of teaching and management experience along with a degree of technical knowledge. Much of my work involves designing, developing and maintaining the school’s extensive website, with its wide range of web-based learning resources. Other tasks include working with colleagues in various departments (faculties) on a range of developments, mainly web- or video-based, and also supporting similar work in local schools. I also have the scope to explore new projects, one of the more recent of which has involved the development of an iPhone web-app consisting of interactive video quizzes in a range of foreign languages.