Karl Desloovere

Karl Desloovere was born in Belgium in 1958. He studied audiovisual arts at the RITS in Brussels, and started in theatre as an actor and producer. Later he worked as a televisiondirector for the audiovisual communication department of Philips Belgium, the audiovisual communication division of the Belgian army and nine years for the Flemish television. Meanwhile he taught audiovisual arts at the Royal Academy of Antwerp for the fashion department and at the Free University of Brussels at the adult education department. In 1993 he started teaching audiovisual arts in artistic secondary education.

In 2004 he finalized his audiovisual doctoral dissertation on the possibility of audiovisual philosophy. In 2006 he started working as advisor at the Ministry of Education in Flanders in the Curriculum division. “Curriculum” is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and advisers. Next to their initial subject training, all members of the team are educational specialists. The division is engaged in the following curriculum aspects: contents of the core curriculum, structures and qualifications, and evaluation at system level. In 2009 the division was integrated in the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Training (AKOV). Karl Desloovere is specialist in art and ict in learning and teaching.

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