Pieter Trogh

Pieter Trogh studied History, Journalism and Archival Science. He works as scientific collaborator for the In Flanders Fields Museum.

The museum is devoted to study of World War I and occupies the second floor of the Cloth Hall, Ypres in Belgium. The permanent exhibition discusses the build-up to the war, the destruction it caused and the post-war period. Since the opening in 1998, the museum has always focused on personal stories and experiences of people who lived the war.

Pieter worked on the Names List project for more than 3 years, and the research still goes on. The project aims to draw up an inclusive list of all fatalities - both civilians as military - who died due to the First World War in Belgium. It’s the very first time in WW1-historiography or remembrance practices, that someone, or some organisation, takes the inclusive point of view, as such.
A preliminary video can be seen via
The Names List was made accessible through the website of GoneWest, the cultural program of the Province of West Flanders for the centenary of the First World War: