ENViL is a European research group consisting of researchers operating in institutes, responsible for curriculum development, and in teacher training colleges. It aims to explore the different concepts of competencies within European Visual Art Education. ENViL is an acronym, meaning “European Network for Visual Literacy”. It is an informal network, established in 2010, with more than 50 members from ten European countries. They all have a focus on research in art education. The four board members are from Austria, Germany, Hungary and The Netherlands.

ENViL‘s work is focused on differences and commonalities in competence dimensions in European visual arts curricula. It focuses on the issue of visual competencies which students can learn in art education. The network defines these competencies as a specific set of knowledge, skills and attitude, to solve domain specific assignments and real life problems in the field of visual communication (e.g. how to perceive art works in museums or cartoons in newspapers, how to create pictures, plans in architecture, visualizations etc.). ENViL will compare the different approaches in European countries and work on a common frame, which will describe a core set of competencies as a framework of reference. This venture is being supported by the European UNION (COMENIUS) as well as InSEA.

ENViL strongly cooperated with the InSEA World Congress during their 2011 conference in Budapest. In Salzburg in January 2012, the network changed its focus from only sharing and exchanging experience in the development of science based curricula to cooperation in a joint project, which is called “Common European Framework of Reference on Visual Literacy (CEFR_VL)”. After that, the first ideas for this framework were presented at InSEA’s conference in Cyprus last Summer. Since then InSEA’s European Regional Council officially supports our efforts. During the Canterbury-conference, ENViL run a number of panels and workshops and presented posters.
Further information and contact: www.envil.eu