René Tristan Lydiksen

René Tristan Lydiksen is the Managing Director of LEGO® Education, Europe. LEGO Education is a global company with a 30-year history developing educational resources and solutions that make learning engaging and challenging for students of all ages.
Lydiksen and his team oversee the company’s European strategic growth, with the goal of driving an innovative shift in the learning culture and opportunities for students throughout their education.
Appointed Managing Director in 2013, Lydiksen has served a variety of leadership roles over the past 15 years across international environments in companies such as Grey Global Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Danish Ministry of Environment. As an entrepreneur he has co-founded two companies and now holds the chair of the Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Southern Denmark and is a board member of a number of SME’s.
Lydiksen holds a Ph.D. sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation from the University of Southern Denmark and Henley/Brunel in UK. He is passionate about utilizing technology to improve education opportunities and enabling students to develop the hands on skills needed for a lifetime of creating, solving and contributing to society. The combination of academia and business life has led to numerous key notes in Europe including published papers on leadership & strategic business development.
In his leisure time, Lydiksen enjoys offshore racing, where his team participated in the world championship in sailing class X-35. Interests include diving, international travel and spending time with his family.