Simon Schepers

Simon Schepers (°1989) became a Master of Arts in History at the University of Antwerp (2011), where he would also complete his training to become a History teacher (2013). His thesis focused on the forgotten story of the Belgian physical culture periodical Muscles Magazine (1946-1969): a historical queer-study on the embodiement of masculinity. Through a critical analyses of text and image, he discovered important mechanisms about how we tend to look at people who are different. In this case, culturist became the subject of mockery and their rather unusual fascination for the male body forced them into the fantasy world of a gay subculture. It forces us to think about sexual/gender identity, prejudices and discrimination.

During his teacher training, he worked in depth on sustainable interdisciplinary work and evaluation in the teaching of history. His interest in these matters brought him into contact with the Special Committee for Remembrance Education. As project worker, he is responsible for the daily operation of this committee. In that capacity he gives workshops on how to work on remembrance education, promotes interesting activities or educational materials and organizes seminars.