Theo Kuechel

Theo studied at Hornsey College of Art and taught Art and Design in schools and colleges for 14 years. He has been an ICT advisor (ICT/Design) with a Local Authority and was as director of a computer graphics training consultancy. Theo is now a writer, independent consultant and researcher in educational technology. He has worked closely with the University of Hull since 2002, writing and developing a range of University courses related to educational use of digital media and new technologies.

Theo’s expertise is in digital literacy, social media and learning ecosystems. His current research covers: online video, digital content, digital archives, and how they can be integrated with social media and web technology to enhance learning.

Theo has worked on major National and International digital projects including:

Theo has recently given presentations and workshops on video for learning in the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Austria, United Sates, Romania, Belgium, Qatar and Greece.