Mathy Vanbuel

Mathy has many years of experience in the production of educational multimedia and the development of technology solutions in the domain of education, training and culture. As a cinematographer, director and head of educational multimedia production of the Audiovisual Services of K.U. Leuven and later as a director/senior consultant with Ecotec Research and Consulting in Brussels he was involved as coordinator or partner in numerous research projects such as the European Commission Research Frameworks.

In 1999 he co-founded the independent company ATiT (Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications), a Belgian SME involved in the integration of appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning in projects worldwide, where he is now Managing Co-Director. Within ATiT, he is managing the production of educational multimedia materials and the design and building of ICT-based solutions for training, teaching and learning.

He is Lecturer eLearning Design at KHLIM in the InterFaculty (Maastricht) and researches design and usability issues of learning media.

Mathy's expertise is in the domain of education technologies and eLearning (including game based learning), appropriate use of (multi)media in education. He has co-authored several publications in the field of media in education, including teacher manuals about video integration in classrooms.

Mathy is co-founder of the MEDEA Awards, a competition about recognising, encouraging and rewarding excellence and creativity in media in education, where he is also chairperson of the judging committee. Mathy has been a member of the Steering Group for the Online Educa Berlin conference since 1995. He is an appreciated judge for the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards since 2006.