Paolo Celot

Paolo is founding member and Secretary General of EAVI - a not-for-profit international organisation based in Brussels active in the interrelated fields of media, education and citizenship. He is an economist graduated at Pisa University and a European affairs advisor specialised in the media sector.

Over the last twenty-five years, Paolo has accumulated a considerable international experience in media, working for long periods in London, Milan and Brussels for both private and public broadcasters. He has also worked for television advertising agencies and collaborated with various public institutions.

He is an expert on media literacy appointed by the European Commission to assist EU Member States, a member of the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society at the Council of Europe, and a member of the Active Citizenship Group for the European Commission. Paolo has authored books and audiovisual productions and three main different European-wide studies in the EU27. He has also contributed to various publications on media and citizens-related issues.

Paolo often speaks on media-related subjects at conferences across and beyond Europe, as he remains animated by the numerous challenges posed by emerging media forms and is greatly interested in the issues related to media literacy and the European public sphere.