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Viktor Hanacek

Untold Stories

Untold Stories: Learning with Digital Stories (UntoldStory), is a project under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme focusing on the provision by public libraries and museums of informal learning opportunities for migrant communities in specific regions of four countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Greece), through shared Digital Storytelling, utilising the potential of new Web 2.0 technologies.

Digital Stories usually entail the creation by an individual or group of a short ‘digital movie’ integrating images, text, and sound with narration.

Untold Stories enables individuals and groups from migrant communities to create, store, promote and share Digital Stories which reflect their experiences in their adopted country.

The website lists the stories in a repository and also provides a 'Toolbox' with 'Cookbooks' in several languages, which are in fact manuals: 'In order to help you with your digital story, our team has prepared a detailed manual that would guide you through the whole process of digital storytelling. This guide has information that covers the concept of storytelling itself as well as the technical aspects of it: images, sound,video edition, conversion to FlashVideo format.' One of those cookbooks is the English one:

Table of contents: 

* Stories
* Join us
* About the Project
* Toolbox

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