Les TIC en Classe

'Les TIC en Classe' is French for "ICT in class". It is an interactive DVD, produced and published in 2007 by the Ministry of Education in France, to motivate teachers to use ICT in the classroom. 37 films (5-7 minutes) allow the viewer/teacher to "enter" and participate in a class. Each film is supplemented by interviews with the teachers and students, educational materials and relevant links.

The DVD shows with concrete examples and situations the contribution and advantages of digital services and tools to learning, to show the actual activities of students and to encourage teachers to use the many accompanying documents (on the DVD or available online) and extend the use of ICT and examples shown in the videos.

The DVD was chosen as a medium because it allows teachers to easily access the multimedia content that interest him/her (movies, interviews with teachers or pupils, PDFs and links) and it can be viewed on any computer and all types of operating system (even old versions). The DVD features a dual navigation to discover the contents by subject in primary and secondary education (French, mathematics, modern languages, etc ...) or to browse by theme: background materials (on for instance interactive tables), involved psycho-motoric learning goals or resources, …

Presented at numerous meetings and in many institutes of teacher training, the DVD was a big hit among the teachers so it was reissued in 6000 copies, a special edition targeted at primary education and an English version of 10 films ( were made in 2008 and 2009.

Project media is a DVD, but the movies and materials are also available online: and DVDs are sent to teachers who request it via e-mail: A MEDEA Showcase was also dedicated to this educational package:

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Department of Information and Communication Technology in Education (SDTICE) of the Ministry of Education in France




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