Hong Kong

Learners as producers: Using project based learning to enhance meaningful learning through digital video production.

This paper discusses an initiative that utilised a combination of "Project based Learning" and a "Learning with Technology" approach. Project based learning emphasises group work and knowledge construction whereas learning with technology emphasises using technology as a tool to promote thinking. A Digital Video (DV) Camp project was organised at the Hong Kong Institute of Education with twenty teacher education students to explore how technology could enhance meaningful learning in a project based learning environment. The objective of the project was to investigate how students could learn with Digital Video technology through collaborative project based learning activities. The paper discusses how students utilised DV technology in small groups to produce two DV outputs - a one minute introduction of their group members and a three minute DV on a specific topic. Student feedback and evaluation was positive in relation to the approach and feedback was used to reorganise another DV camp in the subsequent year. Implications for the approach are discussed.

Table of contents: 

* Introduction
* Project based learning
* Learning with technology
* Digital video camp
* Learner as producer
* Design of DV Camp
* Learning environment
* Participants
* Meaningful activities utilised in the DV camp
* Outcomes of the DV Camp
* Evaluation
* Conclusion
* Acknowledgements
* References






Vincent H.K. Hung, Mike Keppell and Morris S.Y. Jong, Centre for Integrating Technology in Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education




9 pages



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