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Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit

This toolkit contains the process and methods of design along with the Designer’s Workbook, adapted specifically for the context of K-12 education. It offers new ways to be intentional and collaborative when designing, and empowers educators to create impactful solutions.

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Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in education.

Classrooms and schools across the world are facing design challenges every single day, from teacher feedback systems to daily schedules. Wherever they fall on the spectrum of scale—the challenges educators are confronted with are real, complex, and varied. And as such, they require new perspectives, new tools, and new approaches. Design Thinking is one of them.

Table of contents: 

This toolkit is for you. 10
What is Design Thinking? 11
What can I use Design Thinking for? 12
What does Design Thinking look like in action? 13
The Design Process 14
If you only remember a few things… 16
0. Getting Started 18
1. Discovery 24
1-1 Understand the Challenge 26
1-2 Prepare Research 29
1-3 Gather Inspiration 33
2. Interpretation 38
2-1 Tell Stories 41
2-2 Search for meaning 43
2-3 Frame Opportunities 46
3. Ideation 48
3-1 Generate Ideas 50
3-2 Refine Ideas 54
4. Experimentation 56
4-1 Make Prototypes 58
4-2 Get Feedback 60
5. Evolution 66
5-1 Track Learnings 68
5-2 Move Forward 70
Appendix 75
Getting Started Worksheets 76






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