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Using Creative Technologies in Elementary Math

The Using Creative Technologies in Elementary Math guide provides articles, samples, and lessons to help you find new ideas and approaches that will work for your elementary students. Math is about numbers, but it can also be drawn, manipulated, interpreted, measured, and constructed.

In the Using Creative Technologies in Elementary Math guide you can find:

- A creative approach to building number sense and problem-solving
- Connecting math to art
- Creating visual representations of mathematic concepts

The guide includes lesson plans where:
- students practice counting through the creation of a holiday counting book.
- students compose images from shapes, describe their composition, and create their own version of the book, The Shape of Things.
- students explore length, width, perimeter, and surface area, convert measurements, and work with 2-D representations of 3-D objects.
- students create original artwork and manipulate images to demonstrate understanding of line symmetry.
- students improve multiplication skills by skip counting and creating multiplication word problems.
- The strategies and lessons in this guide will help you engage students in mathematical thinking through creative technology tools.

Table of contents: 

Making in Math
Visual Mathematics
Lesson Plans
Exploring Line Symmetry
Now That's a Problem
The 13 Days of Halloween
The Shape of Things
Dream Room Design
Additional ideas from real student projects

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CLEMI: Ressources pour la classe, Enseigner avec l’audiovisuel : le kit pédagogique

Le CLEMI est chargé de l’éducation aux médias dans l’ensemble du système éducatif français depuis 1983. Il a pour mission d’apprendre aux élèves une pratique citoyenne des médias. Cet objectif s’appuie sur des partenariats dynamiques entre enseignants et professionnels de l’information. Tous les enseignants, quels que soient leur niveau et leur discipline peuvent avoir recours au CLEMI, tant au plan national que régional, pour se former, obtenir des conseils ou des ressources.
Pour développer des activités d’éducation aux médias dans les classes, le CLEMi vous propose de multiples outils : fiches pédagogiques, sitographie des médias, lexique, dossiers thématiques, modules vidéo, etc., et même la possibilité de rencontrer un(e) journaliste dans le cadre de l’opération Renvoyé Spécial.
RFI, TV5Monde, le ministère français des Affaires étrangères et européennes et le CLEMI ont conçu un kit pédagogique pour faciliter l’utilisation de documents et de médias audiovisuels en classe de français.
Composé d’une grille d’analyse, d’un guide pour la conception pédagogique, de 10 fiches outil, de 5 cartes mémo et d’un DVD, le kit pédagogique, conçu comme une véritable boîte à outils, apporte une série de conseils pratiques pour analyser les contenus médiatiques, créer des scénarios pédagogiques et mettre en place des activités de production audiovisuelle.


CLEMI is responsible for media education across the French educational system since 1983. Its mission is to teach citizen media practice to students. This objective is based on strong partnerships between teachers and information professionals. All teachers, both nationally and regionally, regardless of their level and discipline can CLEMI resources, for training, advice and resources.
To develop media literacy activities in the classroom, Clemi offers a multitude of teaching materials and tools, a media referatory, lexicon, thematic modules, video, etc., even the opportunity to meet a reporter under the activity "Special Reporter".
RFI, TV5 Monde, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and CLEMI have designed an educational kit to facilitate the use of documents and audiovisual media in French class. Composed of a grid of analysis, a guide for instructional design, 10 sheets, 5 tool cards, a memo and DVDs, the teaching kit was designed as a real toolbox providing a series of hints and practices to analyze media content, create lesson plans and implement audiovisual production activities.

Table of contents: 

Fiches pédagogiques
Site des médias
Vidéos pour la classe
Dossiers thématiques
Renvoyé Spécial

System requirements: 
Web browser

SnagLearning - educational video

SnagLearning features high-quality documentary films presenting them for free to an international online audience as educational tools to ignite meaningful discussion within the learning community. The library currently contains over 2,000 documentaries that are appropriate for students from middle school and up covering nearly every classroom subject.
Many of these videos are produced by well-known educational sources, including PBS and National Geographic.
Teachers can submit and share their own lesson plans, quizzes and homework ideas with fellow educators. On each film page there is a section containing learning questions related to the video and a commenting area that functions as public forum to share and discuss.

Table of contents: 

Arts & Music
Children’s Programming
Foreign Language
Math & Science
Political Science & Civics
World Culture & Geography

Children’s Programming

National Geographic


TeachersFirst is a free website for teachers that contains reviews of external resources as well as own original resources. All the resources are reviewed by teaching professionals with relevant experience. Reviews point out any safety or policy concerns for the tool and offer links to management tips for each concern. The own units and lessons have been developed for actual classrooms, in consultation with practicing professionals or by the teachers themselves.
TeachersFirst is written and edited entirely by experienced, professional educators.
Becoming a member gives access to many additional functions.
Some features:
- weekly update via email
- TeachersFirst Edge: reviews tools on the Edge, with specific ideas for using them safely and effectively in teaching and learning.
- TeachersFirst Exclusives include ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities, lesson and unit plans, special topic collections and professional pages.
- TeachersFirst’s Classroom Resources area includes over 12,000 educator-reviewed web resources ready to be used with students in the classroom.

Table of contents: 

• Classroom Resources
o Classroom Planning Calendar
o Keyword Search
o CurriConnects
o Browse by Subject
o Instructional Units
o Lesson Plans
o Ready to Go
o Special Topics
o XW1W
• TeachersFirst Exclusives
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o Ready to Go
o TF Professional Exclusives
o Weeklies
• Professional Resources
o Blog Basics for the Classroom
o Differentiating
o Must Knows
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o OK2Ask®
o Outside Sources
o Reading for All
o Rubrics to the Rescue
o Tech How & Why
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o Tips for Using TeachersFirst
o Visitor's Agreement
o What's New in TeachersFirst 3.0?






The Source for Learning




Film English

This website promotes the use of film in the language classroom, suggesting movies with age specifications, lesson plans, and including a film language glossary and film links to help both teachers and students.

The three main objectives of Film English are:
- promote the critical and creative use of film in the language classroom
- promote cineliteracy, the ability to read critically and evaluate moving images, in the language classroom.
- promote creativity amongst both teachers and students.

Table of contents: 

- awards
- Elementary (A1) – Pre-intermediate (A2)
- Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (c1)
- Intermediate (B1) – Upper-intermediate (B2.1)
- Intermediate (B1)- Advanced (B2.2)
- lesson
- Pre-intermediate (A2) – Intermediate (B1)
- Upper intermediate (B2.1) – Advanced (B2.2)
- Upper-intermediate (B2.1)- Advanced (C1)






Kieran Donaghy



LearnBoost’s is a free all-in-one solution allowing teachers to manage their classroom by offering a gradebook, a software for managing and creating lesson plans, tracking attendance, maintaining schedules, sharing contents with parents or students, integrating Google Apps including calendars, tagging of Common Core Standards, and more. It is available in 11 different languages.

Chemistry: All About You

Çhemistry: All About You - Teach chemistry in a fun and innovative way is a website whereteachers can find chemistry resources to organise activities in the classroom around the video "Chemistry: All About You" developed by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) in partnership with UNESCO and IUPAC. The objective is to propose tools for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach of chemistry teaching.
Video, teachers'guidelines, lesson plans, documents and experiment modules are available on the website.


KlasCement is a Belgian web2.0 organisation for teachers. More than 60,000 teachers, mostly from Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, and partly from the Netherlands are sharing learning objects online such as presentations,
courses, articles, sites and media files. Members of the community can make free use of these files for their lessons.
After a free registration, you can start searching for multimedia (http://www.klascement.net/multimedia/alles) looking around or using the powerful search engine; results can be filtered by educational level, subject, role, etc.

Promethean Planet

Promethean's aim is to unlock the potential of human achievement in education and training at all ages around the world creating, developing, supplying and supporting leading edge, interactive learning technology.
Promethean Planet is a large teacher online community of unparalleled peer and technical support as well as a warehouse of premium and free resources - including interactive lessons, games, educator forums, and training courses. Resources are organized by subject (Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Vocational Skills...) and age range. There are also a lot of tips and best practice.

Table of contents: 

Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Vocational Skills, STEM, Social Studies, Humanities, English, Arts & Drama

NPTEL - National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, NPTEL, is a joint project of a group of well-known technology education/research institutes in India, collectively known as the Indian Institutes of Technology. This project has placed online resources in HTML or PDF format as well as many video lessons, providing e-learning through online Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams.
The project also has a channel on YouTube that can be accessed at www.youtube.com/user/nptelhrd.

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