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Écoutte cette histoire

These excellent educational audiovisual materials to support French teachers address various aspects of Canadian Francophone culture and highlight literature in particular.

MIT Video

The MIT Video website aggregates and curates video produced by the Institute's offices, laboratories, centres and administration. This includes feature and editorial videos, event recordings, academic content and more. Each day, the editorial team at MIT Video selects one or more videos to "spotlight" based on the videos' content, production value and timeliness.

MIT Video currently contains more than 12,000 videos. Here are some of the most recently added and featured.







MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Wikiversity is a learning community which aims to further the discovery and distribution of knowledge by helping people to learn and to share learning resources. Users can use Wikiversity to find information, ask questions, or learn more about a subject, to explore knowledge through advanced study and research and also to share their knowledge about a subject with others by building learning materials.
Wikiversity is available in 15 different languages, with a different number of learning resources for every language, varying from a few hundreds to over 20k.
The library of learning materials is growing and contains materials of all types, including a wide variety of multimedia course materials. They are designed, not just for self-study, but also as material which can be used in your classroom.
Everyone can create and revise teaching materials. Anyone can participate in the learning activities. Everyone can take a course. Everyone can teach a course. There are no entrance requirements and no fees. All content in Wikiversity is written collaboratively, using wiki software, and everyone is welcome to take part through using, adding and discussing content.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a vast non-profit digital library, founded in 1996 to build an Internet library. Its aim is to offer permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.
Now the portal’s collection includes a huge number of texts, audio, moving images, live music, software as well as archived web pages, and provides specialised services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other people with disabilities.
Currently the Archive contains
- Over 1.1 million videos
- Over 1.5 million audio recordings
- Over 4.4 million texts
- Over 114000 live music concerts

Table of contents: 

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Namathis organizes more than 10,800 educational videos from the Internet, 2,000 in english, 8,000 in spanish and 800 in portuguese (and increasing). It aims to offer video lessons about different subjects to help High School and university students in their studies.
Namathis seek and organize videos in matters so that the student can reach different video explanations upon the same topic. Students can also comment and ask the community about it.
Students have just one place to access the videos of the subjects they are studying; they can watch more than one explanation, so they can understand thoroughly what they are learning. They can share comments and questions with teachers and students over a specific theme.
Students can access academic contents in a flexible way. They catch up when they miss a class and, above all, they can revise the material as many times as they think it is necessary to prepare an exam
Teachers can add videos about a subject they consider useful not needing to sign up for it. Also they can answer questions of the students, taking into account that thousands of students could be helped this way.
Educational video authors in Namathis are viewed more times because they are enlisted by subject-matter and topic. Besides, every video includes a link to the author's channel in Youtube, boosting up its visibility.

Table of contents: 

In English:
• Android
• Computer Science

Finance & Economy
• Finance

• Angles
• Introduction to Euclidean geometry

• Art History: - 400 C.E. Ancient Cultures
• History

• Algebra: Absolute value
• Algebra: Exponents and Radicals
• Algebra: Graphing linear equations and inequalities
• Algebra: Introduction to Algebra
• Algebra: Logarithms
• Algebra: Ratios & proportions
• Algebra: Solving linear equations
• Algebra: Solving linear inequalities
• Algebra: Systems of equations and inequalities
• Geometry - Basic
• Probability
• Trigonometry

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Cosmology and Astronomy
• Healthcare and Medicine
• Organic Chemistry
• Physics

In Spanish:
• Anatomía
• Biología
• Ecología
• Física
• Geografía
• Medicina
• Química
• Química orgánica

Ciencias Sociales
• Chino mandarín
• Filosofía
• Francés
• Historia
• Historia de Latinoamérica
• Historia del Arte
• Inglés
• Lengua
• Literatura
• Reglas gramaticales
• Sociología

• Taekwondo

Economía y Finanzas
• Contabilidad
• Economía
• Finanzas

• Android
• Drupal
• E-learning Class
• eXeLearning
• Google Docs
• Graphmatica
• HTML 5
• Diseño Gráfico
• MS Access 2010
• MS Excel 2010
• MS Word 2010
• Internet
• Java
• Moodle
• MS Access 2007
• MS Excel 2003
• MS Excel 2007
• MS PowerPoint 2007
• MS Word 2000
• MS Word 2003
• MS Word 2007
• Programación Android
• Ubuntu
• Wikispaces
• Windows 7
• Xcode - Programar aplicaciones iOS (iPhone y iPad)

• Algebra
• Algebra: Ecuaciones de primer grado
• Análisis Matemático
• Aritmética
• Cálculo
• Curiosidades Matemáticas
• Desarrollo de Matemáticas
• Ecuaciones Diferenciales
• Geometría
• Pre Algebra
• Probabilidad y estadística
• Trigonometría

• Ajedrez
• Homeopatía

In Portuguese:
• Biologia
• Fisica
• Geografia
• Química

• Álgebra
• Álgebra: Exemplos
• Aritmética
• Geometria
• Trigonometría

200 Free Kids Educational Resources

The resources listed in this article, appeared at the beginning of 2013 on the website of OpenCulture, are found in a variety of formats: video lessons, apps, books, websites, etc.
They cover a wide range of topics, from language learning to narrative, from Mathematics and Sciences to Art and Visual Culture, from Geography and History to Music and Philosophy.
Every resource appears in the list categorised by topic and/or format and with a few-words description giving an idea of its characteristics and peculiarities.

Public Domain Review - Out-of-copyright works

The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online.
All works eventually falling out of copyright (from classic works of art, music and literature, to abandoned drafts, tentative plans, and overlooked fragments)are in the public domain, a vast commons of material that everyone is free to enjoy, share and build upon without restriction.
The Public Domain Review aims to help its readers to explore this rich terrain.
On the website it is possible to find:
- articles from leading scholars, writers, archivists, and artists provide fresh reflections and new angles on old material;
- the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter;
- browse public domain material organised in collections (films, audio, images and texts),
- a guide to finding interesting public domain works.

Table of contents: 

Art and Illustrations



Shmoop is a free online platform containing over 1000 learning guides and test preparations written by educators and experts on a number of subjects (see table of content). It was created with the aim of improving learning tools by using an approach to education based on the keywords: relevant, real, approachable.
The learning guides are characterized by deep analysis of the topics, focusing questions, quotes and references to pop culture. Hypertext and multimedia play an important role in the guides as a way to provide students with an easier although richer learning possibility.
Shmoop holds itself to the highest academic standards and cites its sources so students borrowing ideas from it can (and indeed must) cite Shmoop in their work.
The content written primarily by Ph.D. and Masters students from top universities, like Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale. Most of the content is free to be read without logging in, but with a free account other tools such as Clippings and Stickies become available.
Top rated contents are available in Spanish too.
Premium service gives access to the other materials and tools provided by the platform such as the premium test prep courses for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams and the possibility to create classrooms where to invite students and monitor their progress through detailed real-time reports.

Table of contents: 

For students:

Learning Guides
• Literature
• Poetry
• Shakespeare
• Mythology
• Bestsellers
• Music
• Pre-Algebra
• Algebra
• Biology
• US History
• Civics
• Economics
• Biography

College Entrance
• SAT Subject Test: History
• SAT Subject Test: English Literature
• SAT Subject Test: Biology
• SAT Subject Test: Spanish
• SAT Subject Test: Spanish with Listening

AP Exams
• AP Art History
• AP Biology
• AP Calculus AB
• AP Calculus BC
• AP Chemistry
• AP English Language
• AP English Literature
• AP Environmental Science
• AP European History
• AP Human Geography
• AP Macroeconomics
• AP Microeconomics
• AP Physics
• AP Psychology
• AP Spanish Language
• AP Spanish Literature
• AP Statistics
• AP US Government
• AP US History
• AP World History

High School Exit

Independent School Entrance

For teachers:
• Teacher Resources
• SAT Teacher Guide
• Digital Literacy







David Siminoff (founder and literature lead), Deb Tennen (Literature lead), Michelle Dohm (Math, Science, and Test Prep Lead)


Planet eBook

Planet eBook is an online repository of classic literature books. The books are in electronic form and it is possible to distribute them by all means: the books published are all in the public domain. The only thing not allowed is to sell them for profit.
The repository contains now more than 80 books and it is possible to get notified automatically each time a new free eBook is published by subscribing to the newsletter or to the blog news feed RSS.
Ebooks are available both in one-page and two-pages format and have been edited in Adobe InDesign or Nitro PDF Professional.






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