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MEDEAnet webinar “The Case for Media Education in the Classroom”

32 participants took part in this one-hour webinar to get an insight into different ways to integrate various media education schemes and approaches in the classroom in order to improve their students’ daily engagement with the media.

Nicoleta Fotiade from ActiveWatch in Bucharest, who is an expert in media education, gave a short introduction to various media education schemes and critical thinking methods in training settings that could help your students open their minds towards their critical interaction and use of information media. Using Nicoleta’s presentation as starting point, Marianna Vivitsou from the University of Helsinki in Finland discussed the examples provided from the pedagogic point of view and extrapolate them into a broader discussion based on her own media education experience. She shared her experience of a collaborative wiki project with Greek students in 2009-2010.

Following those two short presentations of around 20 minutes each, participants were given an opportunity to exchange experiences and to ask questions during a moderated online live discussion.
This webinar was aimed at teachers and trainers as well as representatives from educational ministries responsible for the development of the overall curriculum in different regions and countries.

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