Joannis-Sajnovics and the transit of Venus

Joannis-Sajnovics is a Facebook page managed by Ágota Lang, a physics high school teacher in Sopron (Hungary), and her students. It is set up as Joannis-Sajnovics' diary so we can relive his travels in the 18th century from Hungary to Finland to observe the Transit of Venus - when Venus passes in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth. Posts are published as if by Joannis-Sajnovics himself, just like a travel journal.
Ágota and her students are also making an online game, the Hell Game, which will be available soon.

More information on the Transit of Venus, which will occur again in June 2012 and will be the last visible to people of our time, can be found on the Vimeo channel "Our last Transit of Venus": Videos on this channel include a teaser for a documentary film, presentations by leading scientists and outreach people from Europe and the US, as well as videos made by the students from the Széchenyi István Gimnázium (Sopron, Hungary, project co-funded by the European Planetology Network).


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Lots of resources, presentations and videos, can be browsed by topic: Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry, Calculus & Advanced Math, Statistics & Probability, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Economics, History & Government, Psychology, Religion.

Rosetta's Comet Touchdown

An interdisciplinary educational project about the European Rosetta Mission to a comet (arrival 2014). Suitable for students 15+. It involves making a LEGO model of a spacecraft and many other interdisciplinary activities around the topic of comet exploration. The pilot kit comprises a model of the ESA Rosetta lander, Philae, a film explaining the scientific and technical aspects of the mission and a set of Interdisciplinary Activities Sheets with suggestions for how to use the materials.







Maarten Roos (Lightcurve Films), Steven Canvin (LEGO), Detlef Koschny (ESA)




main supporting film is 20 minutes


SciYo - Free Scientific Books

SciYo is an online repository where users can read, download & share more than 273 free scientific books. It's free for everyone, anywhere in the world so long as the original author(s) and source are correctly credited. Sciyo books and book chapters are redirected and read under InTechOpen website (, which is an online reading platform that operates under InTech Publishing Group, a multidisciplinary Open Access publisher of scientific journals and books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Chemistry: All About You

Çhemistry: All About You - Teach chemistry in a fun and innovative way is a website whereteachers can find chemistry resources to organise activities in the classroom around the video "Chemistry: All About You" developed by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) in partnership with UNESCO and IUPAC. The objective is to propose tools for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach of chemistry teaching.
Video, teachers'guidelines, lesson plans, documents and experiment modules are available on the website.

EU-UNAWE Universe Awareness

EU-UNAWE aims to use astronomy as a tool for inspiring and educating young children, and encourage them to develop an interest in science and technology. The programme also aims to introduce children to the idea of global citizenship and tolerance at a crucial stage of their development – to show them that they are part of an international community.
This programme is aimed at children aged 4 to 10 years, especially those from underprivileged communities, but the resources are open to all: on the website, multimedia as well as educational materials and guidelines are available.

Xplore Health

Xplore Health is a European educational portal on cutting-edge health research that offers innovative multimedia and hands-on experiences to young people through the internet, schools and science centres and museums. This project's aims are: to bridge the gap between research and education, to inspire future researchers, to promote scientific literacy and to stimulate dialogue.
On the Xplore Health website, you can find a multimedia gallery with lots of videos, games and experiments and various resources for educators such as classroom activities, educators' guides and experiments protocols.

PRIMAS - PRomoting Inquiry in Mathematics And Science

PRIMAS is an international project within the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union aiming to promote inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science at both primary and secondary levels across Europe by supporting teachers to develop inquiry-based learning pedagogies so that, in turn, pupils gain first-hand experience of scientific inquiry.

To this purpose, the project also aims to develop various resources and make them available to teachers, parents and pupils. Some of these are: teaching materials, professional development courses for teachers, support for teachers, support for professional development facilitators, informational meetings for pupils and parents.


e-Bug is a free educational resource for classroom and home use that makes learning about micro-organisms, the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all students.

The website is divided in three sections for Junior Students, Senior Students and for Teachers, where lesson plans, student worksheets, activities and presentations are available. All activities and plans have been designed to complement the National Curriculum. The student pages complement the teacher resources by providing online games, revision pages and more to continue the learning experience at home.

EU-HOU Hands-on Universe

The EU-HOU project ("Hands-On Universe, Europe. Bringing frontline interactive astronomy to the classroom") is a collaboration of hundreds of teachers and scientists from 14 countries with the purpose of creating a way for students to get excited by science, primarily through the use of astronomy.

This project developed hands-on exercises (available at in lot of different languages, designed to promote an active learning by giving student real astronomical data to find a new planet, explore volcanos on the moons of Jupiter, classify stars, or weigh a galaxy. Each exercise comes complete with detailed instructions for how easily display, analyze, and interpret the data in the classroom, using the free software SalsaJ, downloadable at


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