Meet the MEDEA Awards 2012 winners online - MEDEAnet webinar group

Dear participants of the MEDEAnet webinar,

I am happy you will be joining us for the third MEDEAnet webinar, where two award winners of the MEDEA Awards 2012 will introduce their entries! I hereby warmly invite each participant to introduce yourself below, and I look forward to hear about your own experiences to integrating media in education.

The two speakers Petros Michailidis from Greece (winner of the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Educational Media 2012) and Catherine Loire from France (winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media 2012) will also shortly introduce their entries here so you have a sneak preview of what's to come in the webinar on Thursday 22 November 2012.

You can ask questions to the speakers and other participants here as well as during the webinar, and after the webinar you will have the chance to continue your discussions with the other participants from the webinar within this group.

We are looking forward to your contribution and to seeing you in our webinar soon!

Kind regards,

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