Videos for Teaching - MEDEAnet Webinar group

Dear participants of the MEDEAnet webinar,

I am happy you will be joining us for the fifth MEDEAnet webinar on Videos for Teaching where two experts are going to present their ideas on flipping the classroom.The first presenter will be Olaf de Groot from Kennisnet (NL) who is going to introduce the Flipped Classroom concept while the second speaker, Bram Faes, from Jonatan Academie (BE) is talking about his experiences by flipping the flipped classroom ;-) So both very innovative talks.

As I'm very much interested in your expectations into this webinar I warmly invite each participant to introduce yourself below, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your own experiences you've made already by integrating videos in your classroom.

You are also invited to ask questions to the speakers and other participants here as well as during the webinar, and after the webinar you will have the chance to continue your discussions with the other participants from the webinar within this group.

We are looking forward to your contribution and to seeing you next week online!

Kind regards,

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