Pre-register now for the Media & Learning Conference and apply for funding to cover the full costs of participation

Past funding opportunities for European participants to the Media & Learning Conference

Please note that the application for funding has passed so you can no longer apply for a grant under these programmes. If you would like to still attend by paying your own expenses, please register through our online registration form.

In the Spring of 2013 European practitioners had the opportunity to pre-register to the conference and apply for a grant under the Comenius, Grundtvig or Erasmus funding programmes of the European Commission before the deadline of 30 April 2013.

These participants will join us in Brussels on 11-13 December 2013 to meet fellow practitioners and policy makers who are interested in media-supported learning and will discover an interesting programme as well as pre-conference workshops, an expanded demonstration area and lots of discussion space.


On 11 December 2013 participants can choose between several pre-conference workshops:

  • A dedicated one-day event on exploring innovation in lecture capture organised in collaboration with KU Leuven*
  • A half-day visit and tour of the Future Classroom Lab of the European Schoolnet in Brussels
  • A half-day workshop exploring the value and impact of educational games organised by the Games@school team from iMinds in Belgium.

The main conference will take place on 12-13 December and is entitled ‘Media Education and Literacy: Equipping Learners for Open, Creative Learning Futures’. The conference programme will revolve around the following themes:

  • Putting in place effective classroom practices that protect and empower the learner
  • Media-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching
  • Creating and curating open educational media resources that can be used and shared by everyone
  • Putting in place effective media literacy schemes in collaboration with broadcasters
  • Maximising the use of media, by making it second nature for teachers
  • Turning classrooms into creative learning spaces for all types of learners
  • Moving beyond recording to flexible and effective use of lecture capture: flipping the classroom to make the best use of limited educational resources
  • Film and image education as a core competence for today’s learner
  • Improving learning opportunities through the use of serious games
  • Visual interactive interfaces helping learners to analyse big data and learn with them

On 12 December 2013 the winners of the MEDEA Awards 2013, an annual competition for educational media, will be announced.

Costs & Funding

The full cost of participation in this 3-day residential course is € 873.50*, this covers the costs of accommodation, conference registration and materials, as well as travel. Funding to cover the full cost of participation is available to non-Belgian residents within the European Union, and is available through the European Commission programmes Comenius (for staff in school education) and Grundtvig programme (for staff in adult education).

* the pre-conference workshop on lecture capture in Leuven is optionally and is at an additional cost of € 60.50 which is not included in the overall cost and will not be refunded by the grant. All prices include VAT. The cost of accommodation which is included in the overall cost of participation is € 450.00 which includes a 3-night stay in a single room with breakfast, 2 lunches and 2 dinners, and participation to the conference costs € 423.50.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

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