TIB AV-Portal: Reliable Infrastructure and Services for Scientific & Educational Videos

The TIB AV-Portal is a web-based platform for quality-tested scientific and educational videos, such as conference and lecture recordings, computer visualizations, simulations or video abstracts. The portal has been operated by the TIB since 2014. At present, the stock amounts to approximately 20,000 media units, most of which are published under Open Access licences. The portal offers automated video analysis with scene, speech, text and image recognition. Based on this, content can be localized within the videos using semantic and explorative search functions. The assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and Media Fragment Identifiers (MFID) ensures a stable and precise citation capability. In our presentation we would like to introduce the TIB AV-Portal and show how our services are supporting academic teaching staff and students access to scientific and educational videos. In conclusion, the potential for further development will be discussed