Polarr Photo Editor 3

Polarr is a good photo editor for bloggers, students, and photo professionals alike. It allows users to use high-precision light and colour tools, advanced clarity and dehaze settings, as well as to create and save their own filters, batch export photos, adding watermark, and using keyboard shortcuts.
It is available as a free add-on app in Chrome and on the website a free version is available for download for most Operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

The following is a list of the features as described on the Chrome add-in app.
- Designed for mouse and touch
- Proprietary high precision sliders
- Interactive In-app guide to photo editing
- Expandable and collapsible Workspace
- Responsive and adjustable UI
- Hand-crafted collection of 50 filters
- Imports and exports multiple batch
- Color: temperature, tint, contrast
- Light: exposure, highlights and shadows
- Detail: clarity, sharpen, denoise
- Atmosphere: diffuse and Dehaze
- Optics: distortions, vignette, fringing
- Advanced HSL and RGB Curve tools
- Filter blending and mixing tools
- Highlights / shadows toning tools
- Multiple local adjustments areas
- Circular and gradient filters
- Powerful cropping and aspect control
- Create custom filters based on history
- Export photo at different settings
- Persistent edit history tracking
- Infinite undo and redo
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Watermarks tool








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